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Welcome to the Fountain Hills Art League, an internationally recognized nonprofit organization dedicated to the education of traditional visual arts. The league, which has a great influence on the Well Hill community, promotes and offers a wide range of opportunities to young artists, artists of all ages and students of all backgrounds. The Teen Artist's Guild (TAG) offers young people the opportunity to explore the career paths of the fine arts and create their own artworks such as ceramics, photography, painting, sculpture, drawing and photography.

The Fountain Hills Artists Gallery shows the public in the gallery free of charge special exhibitions of artworks, and group tours are available by appointment. Lecturer - guided walks are offered weekly during the winter months, and special walks include a guided tour of Art League galleries and galleries, as well as special events such as art fairs.

The Fountain Hills Art Festival, a festival that has become famous, is an annual gathering of Western artists who offer unique, unique artworks. Western artists, from nationally acclaimed, award-winning artists to rum tasters and local artists.

If you live in the southwest of the desert, you will be inspired by the stunning sunsets and high mountain ranges that form part of the southwest-northwest Fountain Hills, Arizona region. The rich tapestry of the indigenous culture is evident in these works and is a testament to the beauty of living in a desert in the southwest.

Scott Hallock (acoustic guitar, vocals) makes his doo-wop music for the music scene in Fountain Hills, Arizona with his guitar, piano and drums.

TPAPS is a voluntary organisation of painters who want to learn, learn and strive for excellence in painting and life. Our mission is to promote the practice of art, to promote and promote interest, appreciation and application of all forms of art. By offering exhibits and members to the public, promoting and promoting the spirit of good community and loyalty to one another as artists, we promote the production and appreciation of visual arts in the community. We give something back to our community by promoting art and artists and art education, in the conviction that artistic awareness is indispensable for a better life and in our communities.

We strive to unite artists working in dry and pastel media, promote fun art activities, and create a community of artists and their families, friends, and family members. The Mesa Art League is also a nonprofit organization that supports the arts and children in need through our generous donations. The Phoenix Artists Guild promotes artistic activities and appreciation of art and provides teaching assistance to interested art students through seminars, workshops, art exhibitions, etc. We try to promote the art of painting, drawing, sculpture and other art forms in the Phoenix area and beyond.

The Arizona Commission on the Arts is an Arizona state agency that provides funding for arts, education, research, and public education in the public and private sectors. AAEA is a non-profit, professional organization that serves as the official state arts and culture agency for education and research. The Phoenix Center for Arts offers everyone the opportunity to participate in visual and performing arts through high quality courses and programming.

Visitors can enjoy the proximity of the fountain waterworks and at the same time stroll through the elegance of outstanding fine art. One of Arizona's most popular public art galleries has ample seating, and quiet areas and shaded squares are scattered throughout the grounds, proving a great way to entice visitors to stay longer and have a full experience. Group sessions include the Phoenix Center for Arts, the Phoenix Museum of Art, Arizona State University and the University of Phoenix, as well as other local organizations.

Each piece in the Centennial Center has a QR code, so you can take a self-tour on your smartphone. Take time to visit the surrounding specialty stores and boutiques during your time in Fountain Hills. Before you head to the fun events in November, be sure to check out the events that are scheduled for the upcoming Fountain Hills season!

For $10, guests receive an engraved souvenir wine glass and a tasting menu that allows them to sample a wine or micro-brew of their choice. The festival takes place on Saturday, November 13, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and admission is not required as visitors do not have to buy tickets. For 5 dollars each patron receives an engraved souvenir wine and beer glass as well as six tasting cards, with which the patrons can taste wines from all over the world as well as rum and indulge in ice cream - cold beer.

The Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to bringing people together to showcase the art and culture of this thriving Arizona city and its people. It invites everyone to come and enjoy everything it has to offer, including free admission for all. The Santa Rita Art League welcomes two-dimensional artists of all media and promotes the art and art of two and three-dimensional art in all its forms. Each artist is presented in a unique and unique way, with a particular focus on his style of art and painting.

More About Fountain Hills

More About Fountain Hills