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This week, we're fighting between Fountain Hills and Scottsdale for the title of Arizona's most beautiful small town. Located just 40 minutes northeast of Phoenix and with a population of just over 1,000, it is not the typical American "small town."

From the world's tallest fountain, which can drain water up to 60 metres high, to shopping and art and cultural works, the city lives up to its motto "This is Arizona. The city offers a variety of artworks against the backdrop of the McDowell and Four Peaks Mountains, displayed in its 64-acre park (one of the largest in the world), located just blocks from the city's main avenue, Fountain Hills Boulevard, and adjacent to Arizona State University's campus.

One of the reasons Fountain Hills has attracted new residents is the Plaza Shopping Center, which offers a variety of shopping and entertainment options as well as a number of restaurants and bars. Add to this the unique architecture of the city and its unique cultural offer And it's easy to see why the heart of Fountain Hill attracts people from all over the world.

Fountain Hills High School is one of the few schools in the state to offer AP, Capstone and AVID programs, and 98% have three outstanding schools. Fountain Hills has also recently opened a tech opportunity known as "exceptional quality."

The Fountain Hills Theater in the Clear Aire neighborhood offers a live theater experience. Cordon d'Or, the largest and most popular theater group in the world, has also settled in Scottsdale.

The festival attracts more than 200,000 visitors each year, many of whom enjoy a variety of food, entertainment, art, music, food trucks and other activities. One place that only offers natural views when visiting Fountain Hills, Arizona is the Fountain Hill Fountain. The taps are located in the man-made mangrove forest of the city of Scottsdale, just a few miles north of downtown Scottingdale.

Known as the impressive fountain, once the tallest in the world, it is bordered by the Arizona State Capitol, the Fountain Hills Golf Course and the Phoenix Convention Center. Known as one of the most popular tourist attractions in Arizona, known for its impressive Fountain Hill Fountain, located in the center of a mangrove forest in Scottsdale.

Fountain Hills is set on 13,006 acres and is surrounded by the Arizona State Capitol, Phoenix Convention Center and Scottsdale Convention and Visitors Center.

Before the development of the Fountain Hills, this area was home to the Yavapai, and petroglyphs can be found in this area as early as the late 19th century. Southwest and northwest of Fountain Hills are home to some of Arizona's oldest and most important heritage sites. These are the locations of the Great Fountain Canyon, Fountain Valley, Fountain Hill and the Grand Canyon.

This dramatic landmark was built over 30 years ago and is the heart of the city's fountain park. In the parking lot, there is a plaque commemorating Fountain Hills High School, which was built on the site of a former train station at the corner of Fountain Hill Road and Main Street.

Art is also an integral part of the city's heritage, and Fountain Hills houses one of Arizona's largest collections of publicly displayed art. The eight fountains discovered along the Avenue of Fountain's are part of a stunning public art collection that now includes nearly 70 public works of art in the city center and surrounding public buildings.

The Fountain Hills Public Art Program has teamed up with Special Session Art Tours, presented by the Arizona Museum of Natural History, Arizona State University and Arizona Public Library, to present special sessions of art tours of the city's public art collection. For more of what's on display at the Fountain Hill Public Arts Center, visit the Fountain Hill Public Arts Center on the first Saturday of the month, April to October.

A city known for its thriving culture and art, Fountain Hills has a large fair with an art show and carnival hosted by Thunderbird Artists. The city has its own version of the Fountain Hill, which, in addition to the Art Carnival, includes a variety of other events such as music, food and entertainment in the city's public arts center. Due to its unique cultural heritage, the city also celebrates art and culture every year with the annual Fountain Hills Greatfair, which includes art and carnival.

Fountain Hills Theater is an award-winning performing arts venue entering its 28th season, offering 16 productions a year to the local community and dedicated to performing and arts education year-round for youth. Fountain Hills has been named a Playful City due to the city's unique cultural heritage, commitment to art and culture, and its proximity to Phoenix and Arizona State University.

Although Fountain Hills is a relatively small community compared to its neighbors, there is still much to do, as downtown Phoenix is only 33 miles away and on the edge. The city's prime location borders the Arizona State University campus to the west and the University of Arizona campus to the east. Although it is a city, not a city, Fountain Hill is home to more than 1,000 residents and businesses, with a population of about 1.5 million.

More About Fountain Hills

More About Fountain Hills