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The city is located 34 miles east of San Francisco and residents enjoy an affordable, inclusive lifestyle. Discover one of the conveniently located attractions or enjoy the relaxing surroundings of the hotel and experience the excellent hospitality of the staff. With all the amenities and services offered in the community, it feels like you are living in your favorite resort. Residents enjoy an affordable and inclusive lifestyle and live in a community with a variety of amenities including a pool, spa and gym.

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Discover Kavaklidere in Ankara, Turkey, and discover Haymana, Ankara Turkey at the Fountain Hills Hotel in Fountain Hill, Arizona. Discover Haymena and Ankara in Turkey from the rooftop terrace and pool and spa at Fountain Hill Hotel.

Discover Kavaklidere in Ankara, Turkey, and discover Haymana, Ankara Turkey from the rooftop terrace and pool and spa of Fountain Hill Hotel. Find special offers for apartments for sale and rent in the neighborhoods of Ankara. Prices for these properties are set for the Fountain Hills Hotel in Fountain Valley, Arizona.

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Choose from one of the many options in Fountain Valley, Arizona, for a private room. Some rooms have private terraces and balconies, so guests can immerse themselves in the surroundings in a unique way.

The resort is located on a high desert ridge and offers its guests a bird's eye view of the desert below. The fountain park surrounds the fountain and offers an artificial lake, where a show is held every hour. The view stretches over the horizon and a well-maintained hiking trail offers easy access to the park, the hotel's swimming pool, wellness and fitness centre.

VIP accommodation at Fountain Hills includes a mini-suite, private pool and spa, and a full-service spa and fitness centre. Here you can enjoy activities such as golf, hiking, cycling, swimming, mountain biking and much more. The mini-suites offer luxurious amenities in a haven of tranquility, which will envelop you in southwest décor and views.

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