Arizona man shot by MSCO deputy now facing terrorism charges

Published 01-16-2019

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PHOENIX (AP) - A Fountain Hills man who allegedly threatened a Maricopa County Sheriff's deputy with a knife before being shot and wounded now is facing two counts of terrorism.

County court records state that 18-year-old Ismail Hamed allegedly provided "advice, assistance, direction or management to the Islamic State of Iraq" and ISIS on or about Jan. 7.

Other details weren't immediately released. It was unclear Wednesday if Hamed has a lawyer.

Sheriff's officials say Hamed called 911 on Jan. 7 saying he wanted to talk to a deputy at the agency's Fountain Hills substation northeast of Phoenix.

They say Hamed threw rocks at a deputy who came out to meet him and was shot when he wouldn't drop a knife.

Hamed was booked into jail the next day on aggravated assault charges.

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